December 10

The Health Scare That Made Me Better

Middle of this year,  I experienced multiple symptoms that happened for several weeks. Among these are extreme migraine, dizziness, blurry vision and extreme fatigue. It happens on random occasions without any triggers at all; while walking, in the middle of a meeting, even while just sitting and working. Symptoms can last for a few minutes or even hours. It affected my productivity at work, driving skills, and even performing my duties as a mom. I undergone several tests and in the end, I found at that my symptoms are all because I am pre-diabetic. More than my lifestyle, my condition is a result of my reproductive system condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. Quite complicated for a non-medical practitioner like me, but it is mostly hormonal imbalance. In my case, my PCOS led my body to not fully convert my glucose intakes into energy. All my symptoms mentioned is my body’s way of telling me that I have low glucose level.


Upon finding out my condition,  I was alarmed, and admittedly, very scared. Although I am not officially diagnosed as a diabetic, there is a high probability that I will become one in a few years if I am not careful with my health. I immediately thought of my family; my husband and two children, who need me. Diabetes is a very challenging sickness, physically and financially. I do not want it to be part of what we will have to go through as a family.
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July 25

When Dengue Hits

As I am writing this blog,  it is a Tuesday morning and my son Heinel is peacefully sleeping. He is currently on Day 4 of his hospital confinement because of Dengue. I believe we are past the critical stage and on our way to recovery.

This is not the first time that Dengue hit our family. Two years ago, Hendrix also had it but the strain is much tamer. The one that Heinel got was a strong one. We were caught off-guard since most of the dengue myths we know were debunked.

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March 27

A Different Holy Week

It has been a yearly tradition for our family to have Visita Iglesia every Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. We do it two nights in a row just so our kids, EA and Little H won’t get tired from driving from one church to another. It was something that we always look forward to, and this year, I already planned the churches we will visit  and our itineraries for those two days.

However, our plans made a 360 shift when Little H got sick which started on Palm Sunday morning. He had raging fever of 39.3C but we can not seem to see any obvious cause like cough or colds. We initially thought that it was Tonsilitis but then I scratched the idea since he was eating so well. Monday came and still fever is on and off despite taking paracetamol. We visited his pedia, taking with us the results of his urinalysis which also showed normal results. His pediatrician, Dra. Tita Villanueva-Uy, having been Little H’s pedia since he was born, was also concerned about his fever. The usual suspect, pneumonia, is of the running since his lungs are clear. Thus, she ordered for a complete blood count (CBC) that night. We got the result the following morning which showed that his platelets are way below than normal range. She asked that we had it repeated the following day, and we did. It was alarming how quickly his platelets dropped in just 36 hours. She then asked to take Little H to the hospital. Her hunch is correct, our little boy has Dengue fever.
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June 24

My 2-Day Pre-Travel Juicing Detox

It is my second time to go on a detox program. The first one was last year (read about my post here),  after the holidays. This time I detox prior to our family vacation. Since it was no longer my first time, I considered not blogging about it anymore, but since many of you are still interested in the whole experience, here I compiled (and answered) the most frequently asked questions:
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February 20

The New Trend: A Modern Conservative Bride

Several Filipino celebrities got engaged early last year, and thus, at the end of 2014 and this year 2015, we can expect a lot of Celebrity weddings. Of course,the much awaited part of the wedding is always the bride in her wedding gown. If you ask my style, I have always been a conservative type, meaning when it comes to wedding gowns, or at least those worn during the actual wedding ceremony, I prefer gowns that are not too revealing. But “conservative” wedding gowns need not be boring or unimaginative. You can have a jaw dropping gown without having too show too much skin. Want to have ideas? Here are some I found at

A sweetheart neckline is very common and fits almost all body types. You can wear it underneath a lace top for the ceremony. Then later at the reception you may let go of the lace top for a more dramatic look.

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January 9

Pretty Ravishing in Red

If there is one staple in your closet, what is it? Well mine is red. I like this rich color because it signifies strength, confidence and sometimes power. I usually wear red on days when I feel less confident or if I am about to present something to a number of people. The color somehow gives me the boost that I need.

Wearing red can be intimidating at first. Others find it too strong. I did too initially. I just have one rule when it comes to wearing my favorite color and that is keep it simple.

How do I do this? Well for one, I am always particular when it comes to fabric. The fabric will set the tone of the dress.

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December 14

Trench Coat Ideas

Every year I am looking forward to our office Christmas Party because it is the time to let loose and interact to all the members of our organization. Aside from all the fun, all of us are looking forward to the Christmas theme. I am because this year our group will be sporting winter fashion! We are eyeing the prize on this one so we are going to put our best effort to come up with the perfect runway look.

When I was told that we will have to strut the runway with Winter Fashion, the first thing that came to my mind are fur and coats. For a tropical country like ours, it is tricky to get coats because although we can already feel the December chill, we do not have snow so an overly thick coat will not work. I got my fingers working and searched for the trench coats at and here are some of my favorite Dressve trench coat:

I am just so in love with this white cherry Trench Coat. Who will not smile upon seeing this?  It is almost half the price at $43.69. Get it here

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November 27

Kids Dressing Up for the Holidays!

One of the things I looked forward to the Holidays is my kids wearing their Sunday best. It is so nice to see girls wearing cute dresses and boys in polo shirts in colors of Christmas. I guess it adds to the festivities seeing our kids all dressed up.

I really like the color red, so for girls, I would choose red dresses like this for church:

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