December 10

The Health Scare That Made Me Better

Middle of this year,  I experienced multiple symptoms that happened for several weeks. Among these are extreme migraine, dizziness, blurry vision and extreme fatigue. It happens on random occasions without any triggers at all; while walking, in the middle of a meeting, even while just sitting and working. Symptoms can last for a few minutes or even hours. It affected my productivity at work, driving skills, and even performing my duties as a mom. I undergone several tests and in the end, I found at that my symptoms are all because I am pre-diabetic. More than my lifestyle, my condition is a result of my reproductive system condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. Quite complicated for a non-medical practitioner like me, but it is mostly hormonal imbalance. In my case, my PCOS led my body to not fully convert my glucose intakes into energy. All my symptoms mentioned is my body’s way of telling me that I have low glucose level.


Upon finding out my condition,  I was alarmed, and admittedly, very scared. Although I am not officially diagnosed as a diabetic, there is a high probability that I will become one in a few years if I am not careful with my health. I immediately thought of my family; my husband and two children, who need me. Diabetes is a very challenging sickness, physically and financially. I do not want it to be part of what we will have to go through as a family.
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May 14

Everything I learned from being a Mom..

For so long I’ve been wanting to write my thoughts about being a mom but for some reason I can not seem to find the write words, until today. As it is a day of honoring moms, allow me to honor and share what both of my sons have made me become for being their Mommy.

When I was young, I had this vision of the mom I should be. As I play with my dolls, I give them food, change their nappies, sing to them and give them lots of hugs. I envision motherhood as that simple. Mother teaches kids, and kids learn from mommies. I will teach my dolly everything she needs to learn about life like reading, crossing the street, and not to talking to strangers (because that is what my Mama tells me repeatedly). I teach. They listen always. Simple? Yeah, easy-peasy. Fast forward to many years after, I realized that it is not as simple as that.

Motherhood does not come with a manual nor does it come with a “one-size fits all tried and tested” methodology. Each kid, is different, thus, parenting style differs too. All those thoughts of what a mom should be changed and evolved to something better when my sons came into my life. It is a big responsibility that involves a lot of sleepless nights, shed and unshed tears, and heartaches when my kids are in pain. It is a beautiful experience that shaped me to become a better person while I nurture a life/lives to soon become their own person.
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July 20

The Road to Being a SAHM

“Oh my congratulations! That’s great! I wish I can be a stay at home mom too!”

This is what I constantly hear whenever I confirm that I am indeed quitting my job to be a full time mom. I know that not a lot of moms are given this as an option, and thus, I know that I am a lucky one. But still, the decision did not come easy, and my struggle made me feel guilty.

Please do not get me wrong. I love my kids. I adore them and I have always been a hands on mom. I call my kids from the office to check on them, ask about their assignments or just to simply say “hi”. I render absences (a lot) to accompany them to school activities or doctor’s checkups and therapies. Weekend seems so short to spend whole days with them. So it confused me as well when I got so restless with the idea of quitting my job. I mean, I should be excited, right? This is a dream for a lot of working moms, so how come I am not exactly jumping with glee? It was a year of deciding and then backing out because I had cold feet one too many times.

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October 16

Inside Mom Kat’s Bag

It is time for a bag raid!

Compare the contents of your bag now that you are a mom to that of pre-motherhood. Big difference right? Before you were a mom the basic items inside your bag are most probably your makeup kit, wallet and phone. But now that you have kids, I am sure that you even try to limit these makeup kits into just lipstick  or gloss. Believe it or not, I even forget to bring a comb nowadays. Want to know what is inside my bag now? Well aside from my kid’s separate bags, here are my mommy must haves and are a frequent stuff inside my bag:
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July 13

BOOK REVIEW: 7 Things Every Wife Should Know

IMG_1145[1]Written by Viviene Bigornia, 7 Things Every Wife Should Know talks about the virtues that a wife must continually have to maintain a loving and peaceful relationship with her husband. Each chapter discusses why each virtue is important and the challenges on attaining it and how it can be resolved. It is made personal by the experiences of the author and actual couples she interviewed, made more meaningful by bible verses.
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June 29

My Daily Healthy Choices

In my previous post, I wrote about how the decision to change my lifestyle spelled the difference in my commitment to stay healthy.  Now, I would like to share with you what my daily “decisions” are. I want to be healthy, and therefore I must choose to be healthy. It takes practice and extreme amount of restraint and patience and just like any other major transformation, it was hard at first and when craving strikes, it feels like the easiest way is to give up. But nothing is impossible if you set your heart and mind on it.

I know you are curious to know so here are my daily health choices:
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June 22

For my family, I choose a healthy lifestyle

health2Weight management has always been the focus of my diet programs for the past several years. When I was much younger, it is so easy to achieve my weight loss goals, simply because my metabolism is much faster. But when I reached my late 20s, I noticed that it is not like that anymore. I get so frustrated because either I do not lose much or regain the lost weight back after I eased down on my diet.
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