January 31

Our story of struggling with Trust

When I check my Instagram, I usually scroll through it quickly, tap “Like” if I found a post interesting or nice, then move on. But this particular quote made me stop and stare for a few minutes:

I have seen this before, We even say it out loud. But following this, deeply and sincerely following this, at one point in our lives became a struggle.
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December 6

Flashback: Little H’s First Christmas at Home

Just this week Little H was admitted to the hospital again due to pneumonia. It scared us, and memories of December 2012 came back when Little H had to spend his first Christmas in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Second to his preterm birth, it was one of the most challenging times we had as a family. Good thing that Little H was a strong boy and his hospitalization took only 3 days this time.

Now that he is at home with us, it made me look back at our Christmas celebration last year, 2013. It was memorable and emotional because it is Little H’s first Christmas at home. Let me share some of our photos:

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December 3

Exclusive Family Time is Precious Time

Both me and my husband, Daddy S, work full time as accountants of different companies. We are blessed to have with us my mother-in-law who takes charge of taking care of our two kids while both of us are work. We also have a helper and nanny at home whom we really depend on to a lot. Without these people to support us, I am definitely not be able to balance motherhood and career.

And since weekdays are spent more at work (which includes the nasty travel time), Saturdays and Sundays are exclusive family days. I treasure these days so much because it is when we became the core of our existence, and that is as parents. I look forward to these days of the week when it is just the four of us who goes out, eat together and just do things together. I enjoy the exclusivity of just our small family experiencing things together. Aside from going out, weekends are also the time that I get to do usual mommy stuff. I enjoy giving my kids a bath, driving little H to therapy or playing video games with EA. Yes, it can be tiring at times. But you know what, since I have very limited quantity time, a try to make it the best quality. Kids grow up so fast (believe me, this is true!) and when they grow up, and I want to experience every thing with them.
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November 23

Getting Crafty this Christmas

Every year, I look forward to decorating the house for Christmas. I have always wanted a home full of lights and decors because it serves as clear indication of the great festivity and celebration that we are about to celebrate on the 25th of December. For the past years, the focus has always been the Christmas tree and the lights. But since we already have a sturdy tree and I think the decors are enough, I decided to make this year’s project, a garland for our front gate. 

Merriam-Webster defines garland as a circular or spiral arrangement of intertwined material (as flowers or leaves). I have always wanted one for our door or gate.

Photo Credits: perfectly_diy_ideas.com

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September 18

Small Birthday Parties made Special

My first born, EA is a very shy type of kid. He is not very comfortable in large crowds and being the center of everyone’s attention. In fact, since he was born we have not thrown him a big and grand party. For his 1st and 2nd birthday, we just made reservations to a restaurant and had lunch with family and some of EA’s godparents. On his 3rd birthday, he opted to spend our day at Ocean Park.

However, when EA started going to (pre) school, it is inevitable that he celebrates his birthday in school because it falls on a school day. His pre-school allows mini parties during snack time with his classmates and I think he is more comfortable with that because it is just his classmates, teachers, and us. Of course as a Mom, even though it is a small party, I still want it well planned and memorable especially for him. Here is how I plan EA’s mini parties in school:
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