August 4

Well Spent Rainy Holiday Afternoon

A day in which it is both a holiday and a rainy day can both mean ultimate boredom for my kids. As a mom, it is a challenge for me on how to keep them off gadgets like Ipad or game consoles. This week, I decided to engage my son into baking! No, I am definitely not a pro when it comes to baking. We just bought some ready made brownie mix from the grocery store. The good thing about these ready made boxes is that you can be 75% sure of the taste. The 25% will depend on how you will strictly follow the remaining instructions and ingredients.

It is so easy to get EA excited into baking, and I guess most kids are. Why? Because it is something new. As soon as I told him  that we will baking our snack for the day, he can hardly wait. He prepared the ingredients himself!

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June 14

A Productive Summer

Today is officially the last weekend of summer vacation for EA. On Monday, school will resume and he will begin his new adventures in 2nd grade. But before we start school, here is what EA was up to during the summer.

Since last year, we had been wanting to enroll EA to Karate so he can learn martial arts. But we were not successful then because EA was so scared of the instructor. I guess he found him intimidating as his voice tends to get loud (but not shouting) whenever he teaches his students. EA also does not like the loud music being played during warm up. We thought he will get over it so we enrolled him but even after 3-4 attendance in class, EA still has not joined any drill and so we decided to cancel his enrollment.

Taken at last year’s Karate class

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June 6

Singapore Vacation 2015

When I opened my blog site to write this post, I was surprised that it has been more than couple of weeks since I last posted an entry. I was not aware that it has been that long. I had been active but only to answer comments or queries which is probably why I did not notice that I have not updated quite that long.

Well, there is not better way to be back than write a post about our recent summer vacation! School is out for two months now and for quite some time we had been planning this trip with our two sons. It was their first time to go out of the country so we were very excited. I will share with you our experience and some tips as well on how we managed 5 days on tour with just the 4 of us (no nanny in tow!).


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April 4

Lenten Season 2015

As Catholic, Lent is the season when we remember the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. This is widely celebrated in our country as majority of our population are Catholics.

Daddy S and I are both Catholics and so we wanted to instill our faith to our kids as early as now. This year we had our yearly tradition of Visita Iglesia or praying at seven churches. As we visit these 7 churches, we also did the Stations of the Cross or the journey of Christ to the Cross.

The churches that we visited are:

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March 8

A Legomovie Themed Party for EA

“Awesome @ 7”! That is our official tagline for EA’s 7th birthday party. He has always been a very shy boy and for a time her really did not like the idea of having a party and having all the attention to him. But big school experiences that started last year made him more confident. He (finally) agreed to celebrate his 7th birthday (much to my delight!) by having a party! If you are thinking of having the same theme for your child, you might be able to get some ideas from our party. Most of our party ideas are from the internet!

The invitation are the guests first impression of the party. The format I got from the internet but changed the icon to “Emmett”, the lead character from the Lego Movie.
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February 20

To 7 years and Beyond!

Oh how time flies super fast. My EA just turned 7!

I have always believed that 7 is a milestone birthday. It is officially when a kid crosses from being a “child” to a “big kid”, or well that is how I explained it to my son. As a mom I guess it is a perfect excuse to be emotional and sentimental, right? As much as it is a milestone, it is also a statement and confirmation that I no longer have a “baby” to take care of. At the same time, it makes me so proud to see his growing independence and confidence in a lot of things; from having friends, to joining school activities. I have always been worried of his “life” in big school but this year he proved that he has matured and can handle being with more kids his age or older than him.

As we have seen him more comfortable in making new friends, our goal this year is to expand his horizon; for him to be further exposed in different activities. School is about to end in March and by then we hope we can get EA to try any sport or art activity. We believe in him and his talents, thus we want to enhance it further,

Oh, the plans that we have for him, so many! I guess that is what parents really are, right? But in my reflection this morning, I realized that we can only foresee things so much. However, at the end of the day, we can not control their future. We are only here to guide them to be good individuals and responsible decision makers. They will make their own future and destiny, and we should support them, and guide them of course but never to dictate them.

So to my son EA, a very very happy birthday to you! Continue being a good and wonderful boy. Your future is a bright as your smile. We love you and we are here to help you reach for your dreams!