November 23

Getting Crafty this Christmas

Every year, I look forward to decorating the house for Christmas. I have always wanted a home full of lights and decors because it serves as clear indication of the great festivity and celebration that we are about to celebrate on the 25th of December. For the past years, the focus has always been the Christmas tree and the lights. But since we already have a sturdy tree and I think the decors are enough, I decided to make this year’s project, a garland for our front gate. 

Merriam-Webster defines garland as a circular or spiral arrangement of intertwined material (as flowers or leaves). I have always wanted one for our door or gate.

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March 26

Photo Album ala Scrapbook

Despite modern technology, I’m one of those who prefer to do things the traditional way. Like making photo albums! I know nowadays photos are in digital format and can be posted in social networking sites but I still get excited about seeing printed pictures and designing every page of the traditional album.
I used all sorts of materials; scrap booking items, ribbons, memorable items such as gift tags, movie tickets, etc… I haven’t fully embraced scrapbooking because I am not that artistic. Also, I prefer the sticker type photo albums because pictures are protected and can last a long time.
For days when I run out of ideas, I just stick the pictures together and provide captions. But most of the time, I let my memories of the photos inspire me to create a design for the page. In turn, my photo albums are unique and very personalized.