March 30

Video Monday: Why Moms Never Get Anything Done

Our video of the week is something that a lot of moms can definitely relate to. Be ready to tickled funny!

Video by Youtube

Can you relate? I remember my EA doing this a lot. There came to a point when I got really frustrated and irritated from all the cleaning up. but you know what, later I realized that he was just so interested in a lot of things. And when he got older, I actually miss having him follow me around the house.

I hope our video brought a smile to your face the way it did to mine! Happy Monday!

March 16

Video Monday: Infant says “Hello”!

Watch how a mom gets a sweet “Hello” from her 3-month old baby. This is so adorable that I am giggling after watching it.

Video by: Youtube

Some say it is just coincidence but I believe it is not. The baby is cooing what she heard from the mom. The same thing also happened to us when, Little H, at 4 months old cooed “yeyow” right after Daddy S said to him “do you like yellow? Yellow, yellow, yellow”.  I just wished we were able to capture it too just like this mom did! Of course, we tried making Little H repeat it but he did not. Too bad!

I hope this video made you smile just like I did. Happy Monday!

March 9

Video of the Week: A Fan of Taylor Swift Early On

Taylor Swift; either you love her or you hate her. Well this baby definitely loves her. The young pop star can make this baby girl stop crying in an instant! How cute is that?

Although the baby may just be curious with the sound and not entirely on Taylor Swift’s voice, but nevertheless it is cute!

I hope this video brings a smile to your face like it did to mine. Happy Monday!

March 2

Video of the Week: Groom Makes Wedding Vows To 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter In Emotional Video

I am starting a new feature which is a the Video of the Week. In here I will share heartwarming, funny and inspiring videos I have seen from the internet, and later will share why it made an impact on me.

There is no better way to start this feature than posting a very inspiring and heartwarming one. This is the on-site video of NASCAR driver Brian Scott and his bride, Whitney Kay. In here you will see his vow, not only to the bride but to her 3 year old daughter as well.

Video and Story Credit:

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