November 27

Kids Dressing Up for the Holidays!

One of the things I looked forward to the Holidays is my kids wearing their Sunday best. It is so nice to see girls wearing cute dresses and boys in polo shirts in colors of Christmas. I guess it adds to the festivities seeing our kids all dressed up.

I really like the color red, so for girls, I would choose red dresses like this for church:

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Category: Fashion Picks
November 25

Lolita at work?

I admit, sometimes corporate dressing can be boring. Which is why I look forwards to smart casual Fridays at work because it is the time of the week when we can be expressive with our sense of style. My style usually depends on my mood for the week. There are times I want a laid back style, while some days I want to bring out the fashionista in me. It is always fun and definitely something that I look forward to every week.

This week, I came across cosplay when I was browsing through a friend’s Halloween party pictures. Among all the cosplay outfits, I really find Lolita dresses interesting and cute. I am an all-out girl and it means I love laces, necklines, and mini dresses. It got me wondering, can I pull it this outfit off on the corporate world?

It is a good thing I found these Tidebuy Lolita dress which I think will work in the corporate setup.

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Category: Fashion Picks
November 23

Going All out on Decor

My ideal Christmas decor is a setup that involves the whole house. I want a tree full of trimmings, a nativity in the garden, life size Santa Claus dolls and a busy Christmas village. Even our throw pillows are to be in Christmas mode. T

The dining room is no exception.  I envisioned red or blue or green table linens and complete Christmas themed plates and glass, as well as table napkins. Oh, just thinking about this excited me already!
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November 23

Getting Crafty this Christmas

Every year, I look forward to decorating the house for Christmas. I have always wanted a home full of lights and decors because it serves as clear indication of the great festivity and celebration that we are about to celebrate on the 25th of December. For the past years, the focus has always been the Christmas tree and the lights. But since we already have a sturdy tree and I think the decors are enough, I decided to make this year’s project, a garland for our front gate. 

Merriam-Webster defines garland as a circular or spiral arrangement of intertwined material (as flowers or leaves). I have always wanted one for our door or gate.

Photo Credits:

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November 8

It’s a Pink and White Suprise Baby Shower!

Babies bring so much joy not just to the family but to everyone else around him/her. This is exactly the emotions behind the surprise baby shower that we prepared for my good friend and boss at work, Jo, who is expecting her third child and first baby girl. She, her husband, and their two boys are not the only ones excited for their bundle of joy but we are as well!

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October 23

Mom Kat’s Shopping Tips

I think it is beginning to be quite obvious about how excited I am with the coming Christmas season. My past blog entries had all been about gifts and just basically about the Yuletide season! Well, I guess it is needless to say that it is my favorite time of the year.

Alright, so now I have completed my gift list, it is time for the actual gift buying. Let me share with you my time tested Christmas shopping tips:
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October 20

Amp It Up!

For the longest time, Daddy S has been wanting to buy a guitar amplifier (amp).  Of course, for non-musician like me, I did not know what it is for.  Using our old amp, he showed me that thru an amp, a single  guitar can have several sounds; clean, distortion, and more. Now it made sense why there are different kinds of rock! However, I was told that the quality of the sound will depend on the quality of the amp.

I checked out some local stores and realized that good amps are quite pricey. I tried online stores hoping for a good bargain and found muscians friend, Not only do they have affordable amps, they have Spider brands, one of the most popular guitar amps—and the way these amplifiers sound is a good enough reason to believe them!

Line 6 Spider IV 75 75W 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp Black

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Category: Family Matters
October 19

Getting Warmed In the Office

The Christmas season is in the air. The chilly wind at dawn is a first sign that the cold season is on its way. Even at the office, we can already feel the cold weather. The airconditioning is colder than usual even at lunchtimes and in the afternoons. Most of the time i find myself shivering because even my blazer can not keep me from getting cold. With this cold weather, Christmas cardigans are a must have in my closet. However, since i go to the office, i need one that can still look corporate. Here are some of the possible choices I found at Tbdress

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