October 23

Mom Kat’s Shopping Tips

I think it is beginning to be quite obvious about how excited I am with the coming Christmas season. My past blog entries had all been about gifts and just basically about the Yuletide season! Well, I guess it is needless to say that it is my favorite time of the year.

Alright, so now I have completed my gift list, it is time for the actual gift buying. Let me share with you my time tested Christmas shopping tips:

1. Always, always have a list and budget.

I have an itemized list of what gifts to buy, to whom and how much is the budget for each. Even though I am excited to shop, I want to make sure that I am right on track with the allowance for each.

2. Before you shop, be organized.

Whether I am buying at the mall or online, I always have a group list; which items to buy at the kids department, for ladies, for men, or if I need to buy anything from the bookstore.  It is efficient and believe me, saves a lot of money because it prevents me for going back and forth, thus limiting impulsive buying.

3. Find the best deals.

Keep an eye on bargains and sale. Checkout bazaars and flea markets or if you will buy online, find one that has online sale.  For example, I found a sale thru TBDress.com http://www.tbdress.com/topic/BoxingdayInTBDress perfect for compeleting your christmas list.

4. Be a practical gift giver

When you give gifts, go for something that they will use more than once. Believe me, they will thank you for it And they will remember you everytime they use it. My mom likes shoes so it is a possible gift option. In fact I am thinking of giving her a pair of boots because I found great prices through http://www.tbdress.com/topic/Christmas-Boots-Deals-25-100923. In fact I already have my favorites.

Of course, do not forget that it is not on the price of the gift but on the spirit of sharing that goes along with it.

I hope I am able to help you on your shopping. Are there other tips you can share with me?

October 20

Amp It Up!

For the longest time, Daddy S has been wanting to buy a guitar amplifier (amp).  Of course, for non-musician like me, I did not know what it is for.  Using our old amp, he showed me that thru an amp, a single  guitar can have several sounds; clean, distortion, and more. Now it made sense why there are different kinds of rock! However, I was told that the quality of the sound will depend on the quality of the amp.

I checked out some local stores and realized that good amps are quite pricey. I tried online stores hoping for a good bargain and found muscians friend, Not only do they have affordable amps, they have Spider brands, one of the most popular guitar amps—and the way these amplifiers sound is a good enough reason to believe them!

Line 6 Spider IV 75 75W 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp Black


Spider Valve HD100 MKII 100W Guitar Amp Head Level 1 Black


Spider amps are a favorite for every genre, from classic rock to heavy metal to alternative. With the flexibility to adapt to any style of music that you play, Line 6 Spider amps are a solid choice for any musician. What is good about the site is that it has second hand amps too and from the reviews , seems like it is still in good quality.

Now that I am more aware of just how amps can improve Daddy S’ music, I might just allow him to get himslf a new one!

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October 19

Getting Warmed In the Office

The Christmas season is in the air. The chilly wind at dawn is a first sign that the cold season is on its way. Even at the office, we can already feel the cold weather. The airconditioning is colder than usual even at lunchtimes and in the afternoons. Most of the time i find myself shivering because even my blazer can not keep me from getting cold. With this cold weather, Christmas cardigans are a must have in my closet. However, since i go to the office, i need one that can still look corporate. Here are some of the possible choices I found at Tbdress http://www.tbdress.com/Christmas-Cardigan/

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October 18

Find Your Passion and Earn from It!

One of our major goals is to have a stable business of our own because of two reasons: (1) to help increase our savings for the kids, and (2) to help stabilize their future through a steady income.

As we are scouting for possible business to get into, we considered several options; from food, clothing, service, even franchise. As we are making our business plan for each, options are slowly narrowing and what ended up in our final list are the ones we are familiar and passionate about. Why? Because those are the ones that we can plan from end to end. We know the ropes, we are familiar with how it goes. We create realistic expectations on the major purchases, monthly expenses, and possible returns for each.
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October 16

Inside Mom Kat’s Bag

It is time for a bag raid!

Compare the contents of your bag now that you are a mom to that of pre-motherhood. Big difference right? Before you were a mom the basic items inside your bag are most probably your makeup kit, wallet and phone. But now that you have kids, I am sure that you even try to limit these makeup kits into just lipstick  or gloss. Believe it or not, I even forget to bring a comb nowadays. Want to know what is inside my bag now? Well aside from my kid’s separate bags, here are my mommy must haves and are a frequent stuff inside my bag:
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October 12

Be a Standout with Jumpsuits in the Office

Aside from the usual blouse, skirt and dress, another good fashion must have for an office girl like me is a jumpsuit. It is non-conventional but just knowing the do’s and don’ts  will help you look chic and fabulous.Here are some of my tips:

1. Stick to plane colored suits

Prints on jumpsuits have the tendency to make it look too casual. Monochromatic shades, however, need not be boring. Choose interesting colors to make it a standout. Or if you want some print, I say choose ones in which prints are on the top part of the suit.

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October 9

Gown Ideas this Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and I am sure that you are already receiving a lot of invitations for  parties and Halloween balls. You might be running out of ideas on what to wear. Well, I have great suggestions. Why not come in your most fabulous self? In a gown. Yes, a ball gown of course! Definitely not your ordinary gown, but a themed one. Here are some great gowns I found at http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Lolita-Dresses-4461/.
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