September 18

Small Birthday Parties made Special

My first born, EA is a very shy type of kid. He is not very comfortable in large crowds and being the center of everyone’s attention. In fact, since he was born we have not thrown him a big and grand party. For his 1st and 2nd birthday, we just made reservations to a restaurant and had lunch with family and some of EA’s godparents. On his 3rd birthday, he opted to spend our day at Ocean Park.

However, when EA started going to (pre) school, it is inevitable that he celebrates his birthday in school because it falls on a school day. His pre-school allows mini parties during snack time with his classmates and I think he is more comfortable with that because it is just his classmates, teachers, and us. Of course as a Mom, even though it is a small party, I still want it well planned and memorable especially for him. Here is how I plan EA’s mini parties in school:
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September 13

Little H’s High Chair

The past few days we had been very busy looking for the best high chair for our Little H. Alright, I admit, for Dads this might be a very easy and “no-brainer” task but hey, I am a Mom and so I am allowed to be very picky before finding the right one, after all, high chairs are not very cheap, right?

Aside from dining, Little H will also use his high chair for playing and therapy activities especially on his sitting program. Thus, the one that we will buy must meet all these requirements. I initially knew that it must be a convertible chair because most of his play activities are on the mat. There are very limited high chairs that are convertible and to be honest, I only found two, but luckily, with distinct material, so we can have a choice. But both of them can be a high chair when elevated on its stand, and a regular chair (with straps) which can be placed in the floor, and the stand can function as the table.

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September 7

The Fight Against Bullying

Our EA is in his first grade in big school and  one big factor in choosing a school for him was the safe environment, whether outside (within vicinity) and most especially inside the school and classroom. I was very particular with the small class size and a co-education environment because it decreases the chance of him being bullied. Read about our big school selection process here.

Bullying is probably one, if not, the greatest concern that parents like us have and think about as we send our children to school everyday. defines bullying as an unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. With the popularity of internet and social networking sites, bullying can also happen there. Nowadays, it is called as cyber-bullying. It is very easy to spread rumors in facebook and twitter or upload videos intending to malign or discredit one’s character. The effect on bullying can be lasting, and if happened to very young children, can forever affect their personality and behavior.
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September 6

Date Night at Sentro (Greenbelt 3)

Fridays are the perfect excuse for me and Daddy S to have date nights. It is the end of the week long hard work, all the more reason to unwind, plus Friday nights usually has the worst traffic jam of all days in Metro Manila.

Last night, Daddy S was craving for soup so we decided to have dinner at Sentro in Greenbelt 3. Sentro serves Filipino dishes with a twist. This is my second time here while Daddy S often comes here with his colleagues. Inside theo restaurant you can already feel the Filipino vibe with light fixtures made of local materials (abaca) and chairs have sewn rattan in them. It was a homey atmosphere. The only concern that I have last night is that the restaurant is quite humid, probably there is something wrong with the air conditioning. But it was forgivable because the staff and waters are very accommodating and warm.

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August 31

Bye Bye Crib, Hello Bed!

My little H is 2, and he is starting to outgrow his crib. He is getting cranky in it because he hardly has room to move. He and Brother EA are not big enough to share a room yet so he has to stay in his room for now. But the crib has to go really soon. I initially thought of getting him a bed but scratched the idea altogether because he will not be able to rollover much in it, since it is rectangular shaped. Also, I do not think an elevated bed will work from him since aside from rolling over, he is also into crawling backwards nowadays and I do not want to increase the chances of him falling off the bed.
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August 24

Must Have Shoes for Moms

I love shoes! While some women’s  eyes ogle on bags or jewelry, I tend to get more fascinated with shoes of every shapes, size and color. It can be a statement on its own and it can make or break one’s outfit. I love how a white shirt and jeans can be chic and sophisticated when paired with a high heeled red pumps, or a vintage dress for dinners with friends becomes trendy when worn with a pair of wedges.

Before I had kids, I have cabinets full of different pairs of shoes and since I am on the petite side, most of it are heeled ones, pumps, sandals, stilettos, and clogs.

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August 23

Loving Long Weekends

For working parents like me and my husband, we always look forward to weekends because it is the time that we get to spend exclusively with our kids. Each week we look forward to Saturdays and Sundays. So it is a double treat when long weekends happen!

Meal time for the Family!

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