August 21

Small and Intimate Birthday Party for our Little H

For H’s second birthday, we opted for a low key and intimate gathering with just our immediate family and H’s friends. Yup, my H has a group of friends already. These are families of Hendrix’s fellow babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) during his 3.5 months stay there. Up until now we still have playdates for the kids. It is great seeing our kids grow together.
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August 19

Be a Stand Out with Printed Long Gowns

When I say prints, what comes to mind? Flower prints, Checkered, and  leopard, are probably among the patterns you have in mind, right? Interesting details for a blouse or short dresses.  But do you know that you can actually wear printed gowns on formal occasions?  Can not believe it? Here are some evening dresses from to give you an idea:


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August 18

Wedding Planning (with your Mom)

You have to admit, next to the bride, a wedding is also the mothers’ event. it is an emotional time for them as they hand over their daughters, to their respective partners for a lifelong commitment.  Often times Moms get really excited with the preparation and will definitely make suggestions and contributions to your wedding; from the guest list to the theme. As much as you want to consider all their ideas, the event is your wedding day, and you and your fiance’s ideas must win over. This sometimes create conflict between the couple and the mother of the bride.
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August 17

Bass Guitar: Starting Early


I am not a musically inclined person but my husband and his family are very much into music. Because of that I was exposed to rock music since my husband and his brother often have jamming days at home. My son EA, is also showing interest in music, which I am very proud of. He has his own drum set. Eventually, we will introduce him to strings so he and his dad can jam. Since my husband is a lead guitarist, I am thinking it might be a good thing to have my son learn bass guitar to compliment his dad.

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August 16

Push Gifts – Yay or Nay?

Since push gifts are not widely known all over the globe, let us first define first what this gift is. Push gift/present is defined as by Wikipedia as  (also known as a push gift, baby mama gift or baby bauble) is a present a father gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child. In practice the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room. The giving of push presents has supposedly grown in the United States in recent years.A push gift is any type of present loved ones give to a woman who has recently given birth to a child.
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August 9

Organizing an Alumni Homecoming Event

Alumni homecoming is one of the most exciting post graduation event. It is when after years of not seeing each other in person and pursuing each of your dreams, you and your former classmates go back to school to catch up and celebrate your triumphs and achievements. If you were chosen to be part of the committee who will organize the Alumni Homecoming Event, you will definitely aim for it to be memorable and exciting. To help you in achieving these goals, here are steps to organize an Alumni Homecoming Event:
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Category: Fashion Picks
August 4

Newbie Moms’ FAQs on Cloth Diaper

DSC00019I am happy that more and more of my friends are interested in having their little ones cloth diapered (CD). I also feel honored whenever moms seek my opinion and advice in their decision to go CD.

To help more parents out there, I have compiled the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) by CD newbies:

What is the difference and benefits of using modern cloth diapers (CD) as compared with (1) traditional cloth diapers  and (2) disposable diapers (DD) ? 
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August 3

The Little Black Dress

Every woman, whatever age, status, and body type, should have one or two little black dress inside her closet. For fashion experts, it is known as the LBD, and is always in the list of  wardrobe “must haves”, and I could not agree more. Your LBD can practically take you anywhere; from casual, business attire, to formal occasions. Since black is a neutral color, it will not be very obvious that you are wearing the same LBD on several occasions. Black is also the best color to make a woman more slim and can hide your flaws. Just make the most of the dress by pairing it with the right accessories and it will seem like a new outfit altogether.
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July 30

Pregnancy Fashion

I personally believe that a woman is at her prettiest when she is pregnant. The silhouette of a body with a baby bump shows shapes and curves. Gone are the days when pregnant women wear baggy dresses. Although most women have low self esteem especially towards the end of their pregnancy because of the increase in weight and hormonal imbalance resulting to pigmentation in some parts of the face or uneven skin tone for some. But do not fret. Nowadays, we have a lot of clothes to choose from for pregnant women to make them look as comfortable and fashionable as ever while showing off that precious baby bump. And to give you, pregnant moms a dose of inspiration here are my personal favorite maternity fashion as worn by the Hollywood Celebrities:
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July 26

The Wonders of Jewelry in Your Outfit


Jewelries give character to one’s outfit. A simple dress worn with a pearl necklace will look more classy and sophisticated compared if worn with none. I love jewelries because it seemingly expands my wardrobe since I can create different looks with just one outfit paired with different jewelry pieces.
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Category: Fashion Picks