July 30

Pregnancy Fashion

I personally believe that a woman is at her prettiest when she is pregnant. The silhouette of a body with a baby bump shows shapes and curves. Gone are the days when pregnant women wear baggy dresses. Although most women have low self esteem especially towards the end of their pregnancy because of the increase in weight and hormonal imbalance resulting to pigmentation in some parts of the face or uneven skin tone for some. But do not fret. Nowadays, we have a lot of clothes to choose from for pregnant women to make them look as comfortable and fashionable as ever while showing off that precious baby bump. And to give you, pregnant moms a dose of inspiration here are my personal favorite maternity fashion as worn by the Hollywood Celebrities:

Maxi Dress

Photo Credits: http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com

Photo Credits: http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com

Maxi dress is my favorite maternity outfit for 3 reasons (1) functionality, (2) comfort, (3) style. A maxi dress is very functional because it can be worn on both casual and semi-formal occasions. The one worn by Jessica Alba is a classic example because if worn with ballet flats or flat sandals, can already be a perfect outfit for a laid back days at the park or strolling at the mall. Wearing cardigans, sweater, shawl, or chunky necklaces will provide different looks. Maxi dresses can have an extended stay on your closet because it can be worn even post pregnancy. Their fabric are usually made of soft materials which makes it very comfortable. It is also versatile because it can work for almost all body types.

Tunic Dress

Photo Credits: http://your-trend-fashion.blogspot.com/

Photo Credits: http://your-trend-fashion.blogspot.com/

Expectant moms’ body temperatures are usually higher than usual because of hormones so this free flowing dress is perfect.  Just like a maxi, because of the shape of the dress, it can be worn even after pregnancy. Kristin Cavallari’s dress is something I will definitely buy. While the baby bump is small, it can function as a dress but as the bump gets bigger, can be worn with a pair of leggings or capri pants and viola, a whole new look for the same outfit!

Baby Doll Dress

Photo Credits: The Budget Fashionista.com

Photo Credits: The Budget Fashionista.com

Petite moms like me must have a baby doll dress for dressier occasions. It is usually empire cut which perfectly houses your growing baby bump. It gives an illusion of height because it is cut above the knee thus showing your legs. I must say, Natalie Portman is my favorite star when it comes to maternity fashion because we have the same body type and her style is always classic and sophisticated.

A-line Dress

Photo Credits: http://www.vanityfair.com

Photo Credits: http://www.vanityfair.com

Empire cut is always the best way to go for maternity dress because it gives room to your growing baby bump. I love the simplicity and functionality of Kate Middleton’s dress. It is perfect for the more conservative type and can work for more body types because the skirt is A-line.

Maternity Pants

Photo Credits: http://i.huffpost.com

I recommend having at least 2 pairs of maternity pants in neutral colors (black, brown or khaki) especially for working moms. Slim cut is always a better option because it will draw attention to the lower part of the body as your baby bump gets bigger. These pants can also work either for casual dressing or business attire, depending on the top. I usually pair my maternity pants with my blouses with soft fabric (which are not maternity clothes) to create that breezy look just like Heidi Klum’s look above. Will look good as well with empire cut or tunic blouses.

Formal Wear

Photo Credits: http://www.eonline.com

Photo Credits: http://www.eonline.com

Mommies can still party and look rockin’ good like Angelina Jolie. Just pick dresses that highlights your assets, like your slender arms or increased cup size of breasts like hers. Or you if are more conservative, maybe just showing your collarbone or legs. The key is for you to look and be comfortable for several hours while having the confidence knowing that you are showing off your assets.

I hope I am able to help you, my pregnant mommy, not just to look good while you are pregnant, but more so to have that confidence knowing that you are at your most beautiful self.



July 26

The Wonders of Jewelry in Your Outfit


Jewelries give character to one’s outfit. A simple dress worn with a pearl necklace will look more classy and sophisticated compared if worn with none. I love jewelries because it seemingly expands my wardrobe since I can create different looks with just one outfit paired with different jewelry pieces.

Some girls are not confident enough putting together an attire with jewelries. Some say they do not have the fashion sense to perfectly match a necklace with a blouse. Well, I believe that all you  need is practice. Start small, say, a pair of dangling earrings? Then the next day how about wearing  a chunky ring? As you go along using jewelries everyday, you will soon find your style and will get used to it. Soon, matching them with your outfit will be second nature to you.

Once you get the hang of it, I assure you, you will always be on the look out for those jewelries. Good thing I found this site http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Jewelry-100543/ were you can buy cheap jewelries so you will not go blowing over your budget. Here are some of the pieces I find treasure worthy:

EarringsI love the bows in this pair of earrings plus the different color of the stones which makes it look elegant but fun at the same time.

NecklaceCreate an angelic statement with this necklace. It can be worn long for a more casual look  but on formal occasions can be worn shorter as a choker, thanks to the adjustable chain.

Pearl BraceletPearls are timeless pieces of jewelry but paired with charms and chains makes the look more personalized and trendy. Very versatile too as it can be worn on formal and informal events.

RingRings are always a great start for those who are not yet used to wearing jewelries. Bulky rings already create a statement by itself and can be paired with blouse and pants or your favorite dress.

AnkletI have seen celebrities who got married at the beach wear anklets in lieu of their wedding shoes and I must say it is lovely!

Mixing and matching jewelries can be very fun once you get the hang of it. Me, I am more of a necklace type of girl but I intend to start wearing rings too. How about you, what is your favorite type of jewelry?




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July 22

I am a Fulltime Working Mom!

Time check: 1:20am

Yup, it is indeed the wee hours of the morning. I am preparing some home drills for EA to prepare him for his upcoming quizzes and improve his cursive writing as well.


I am a working mom. But I also consider myself a full time mom. Confusing? I am a very involved mom.  Even though I have a full time job, I try my hardest to be always (as in 100%) present in kids’ lives. School work, medical appointments, extra curricular activities; I am there. I am present. It is not easy, but it cam be done. And just like any parent, there are certain things I have to give up to have that balance with the choices I made. In my case, sleep is probably the number one in the scoreboard with the things mostly given up.  But you know what, my kids are very much worth it. Just one sweet kiss and hug from my sons, and all the challenges of the day are gone.

I am no superwoman. I can not do all of these without help and support. I am blessed to have the support of my husband and in-laws as I take on a working mom role. I honestly will not know how to deal with everything without them.

Priorities. Setting them properly will be the key in managing multiple roles that we play in life.

It can be done. I did it. So can you!

July 20

Your Everyday Boots

In a tropical country like ours, boots are not a common footwear because it is usually worn in countries where extreme cold weather season are experienced such as fall and winter. However, do you know that boots can be worn not only to protect you from the cold but also to glam up an outfit? Check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Boots-100923/ for great finds and cheap boots. Here are my favorites and can be worn on even on two-seasoned countries:


ankle bootsThis vintage-styled ankle boots will be perfect for the office attire. Pair it with pencil skirts, straight pants or jeans to give your outfit a formal but strong feel to it. 


platformI adore heels for it gives me the much needed height on my attire. These platform boots will go well with dresses, may it be an A-line cut or a straight dress with just above the knee length. It will look perfect too with skinny jeans! 


lace heel

Lace on heels? Clever and stylish, right? Wear it with mini dresses,  pencil skirt or on jeans to give that feminine but edgy look. 


half kneeKnee high boots can be worn during rainy days and cold weather season. It can be worn with mini-dresses or coat. This will also work if worn over a snug pair of jeans.


rainy dayWho says boots on rainy days need to look hideous and boring? These pair of floral boots makes walking in the rain safe and stylish.

Any other idea on how these boots can be worn? What is you favorite pair of boots?


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July 13

BOOK REVIEW: 7 Things Every Wife Should Know

IMG_1145[1]Written by Viviene Bigornia, 7 Things Every Wife Should Know talks about the virtues that a wife must continually have to maintain a loving and peaceful relationship with her husband. Each chapter discusses why each virtue is important and the challenges on attaining it and how it can be resolved. It is made personal by the experiences of the author and actual couples she interviewed, made more meaningful by bible verses.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I love that it is simple, down to earth and very positive. The author does not claim to be a perfect wife, in fact she shared some of the things she did not do right or those that hurt her husband’s feelings and then shared how to make things right. Each wife can relate to one or more of the actual experiences shared. Newly married couples, married for several years, even cross cultural marriages are among the insights that you can expect in the book.  Reading it is like talking to a girlfriend as both of you deal with married life. At the end of each chapter, there is a reflection section which makes the reading experience more personalized. It becomes you and your spouses book.

A must read book! I recommend 7 Things Every Wife Should Know to all newly weds, brides-to-be and most especially for married women. Wives will look at the book thinking they already know these virtues, which is actually true, having been in the married circle for years. The book  will serve as the refresher course. As each milestone in married life attains, the couple’s relationship changes. Havings kids, setting financial goals, dealing with in-laws; all these will have an effect on your marriage through time. What you are as a couple ten years after will be far long with how you were when you just got married. But it does not always mean in a negative way. The book will help you be a closer and deeper couple years and years after.

A suggestion on making the most out of this book, read it with your husband. Or if not, share what you have read with him and discuss his thoughts on it. Also, as you answer the reflections at the end of each chapter, mark the date. Then, a few years after, say 5 to 10 years, go back and compare. It will tell you how your relationship with your husband evolved and give you an idea on how you can make it better.

You want to get a copy of the book? E-mail Viviene at teacher_viviene@yahoo.com or visit her blog www.journeyofawoman.com/book. You may tell that you read about her book in my blog. Who knows, you might even get a discount! Happy reading!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement.  Review is based on blogger’s personal opinion and judgment. The book was purchased by the blogger.     

July 11

Formal Dressing for your Body Type


Choosing the right homecoming dress begins with knowing what your body type is. Each type has its own strengths and emphasizing them through your dress is the first step in getting that much coveted homecoming queen crown.

Pear Shaped

Ladies with pear shape bodies are also called bottom heavy. It means that the hips and thighs  are wider than the shoulders. Famous celebrities with this type of body are Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson.

Tricks: Wear clothes that draws attention to the upper part of your body. Light colored tops, interesting necklaces, chunky earrings  or scarves are among the things that you can add up to your outfit. A-line dresses also hides your hips and emphasizes your waist. You can also wear strapless gowns or spaghetti straps to emphasize your shoulders and collarbone. If you are not comfortable baring your arms, you can also opt for plunging, square or sweetheart necklines. A one-shouldered sleeve gown is also good without showing too much skin.

Here are some of affordable prom and homecoming dresses TBDress.com has which works perfectly for pear shared bodies.

PearGroup1The details on the sweetheart style gown makes one look directly to her nice shoulder and detail of the gown. While the pink one-shouldered dress hides the hips with its overlay but the peep of the detail makes it look interesting and glamorous at the same time. The white dress’ bejeweled neckline automatically brings your attention to her face.


I love the accents that the jewelry, bag and belt give on soft look of the lavender gown. While the blue one spell power and sexyness with the haltered strap and little tease in the bust. 

Wedge Shaped

Wedge shape or also known as the inverted triangle is the type of body wherein the shoulder is wider than the hips. Ladies with this type of shape also has broader chest and has little or no waist. Popular celebrities with wedge shape bodies are  Naomi Campbell, Renee Zellweger and Cindy Crawford.

Tricks: Put emphasis in your lower body by wearing full skirts and colored bottoms. Go for dresses that creates an illusion of a waist.Pick high waisted styles to elongate your body and avoid wearing spaghetti straps for it emphasizes your broad shoulders. Choose dresses that has interesting designs on the skirt to bring down the attention to your lower body.

Dressing for wedge shape bodies made affordable by these dresses from TBDress.com:


The pink dress gives the illusion of high waist with its empire cut design. While the 3 dressess all have simple designs at the top but has interesting details at the bottom.

Rectangle Shaped

Rectangular shaped bodies are common for models; shoulders, waist and hips are of equal proportion. They normally do not have curves. Celebrities with this shape are Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman.

Tricks: Dressing up for rectangular shapes are relatively easy only because there is not much to conceal. Ladies with this body type must create curves. Fitted dresses which hugs  the body will look good on them. Belts will come in handy to create that much needed waist on loose dresses. Rectangular shaped must avoid wearing all black. Experimenting with colors and patterns are encouraged to have that vibrancy and volume in their look.


Dressing for rectangulars is all about details. The belted waist and details on the skirt creates volume and fullness while the rouching either on the collar or waists brings fullness to small chests which is common for the ladies with this shape.

Apple Shaped

Women with Apple shaped bodies tend to appear fuller because their waste and bust are thicker than the other body types. Their shape seems more round, as the name suggests. Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet and Catherine Zeta-Jones are among the famous celebrities with this body type.

Tricks: The goal for this body type is (1) to emphasize the torso and (2), hide the tummy and bust. The great way of doing that is to go for dresses which shows of your legs. Stick to designs that elongate your body such as vertical lines and pleats. A monochromatic pallet also elongates as it gives a smooth flow of the dress from top to bottom. Conceal large bust by sticking to V-neck lines.

Dressing up for Apple’s should not be hard with TBDress.com’s wide array of homecoming dresses fi.


Hourglass Shaped

This shape is characterized by shoulders and hips of the same proportion and with a tiny waist. Talk about curves baby! Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are the perfect example of this body.

Tricks: The goal for this shape is to emphasize all the good stuff without going overboard. Fitted dresses always works well. Wrap blouses and dresses are always great because it emphasizes the waist without creating additional volume on the bust.

Shopping for house glass figures made inexpensive by TBDress.com. Check out some of their cool outfits:


I am loving the textures of these dresses. The curves will bring that character to the dress because curves will be showing on all the right places.

How about you, have you identified your shape? Which among the dresses in their category have you chosen? I am a wedge and my favorite is the pink dress with a train because it is not too much.

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July 5

Choosing the right Dress: Mom Kat way

TB dress polkasI love dressing up. As a kid, I am always on those cute dress and skirts paired with frilly blouses and lace. Growing up, my style has always been very feminine, sophisticated and clean. I am not the type who follows the trend. I always go for comfort and style.  And even when I got married and had two kids, I still dress up and make it a point to look my best. At work, we have uniforms from Mondays to Thursdays, thus, I only get to wear civilian clothes on Fridays. I always plan my wardrobe ahead; from dresses, skirts, to accessories and shoes. I avoid wearing key pieces of clothes within 6 months. Not that I have a lot of clothes, it is just that I mix and match.

I love dresses because for me it signifies femininity. The right silhouette can highlight one’s curves and assets.  It can be versatile too because with the right accessories and pair of shoes it can be transitioned to a day-to-night look or from casual to formal. Below are some of the sexy dresses that I got from TBDress.com http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Sexy-Dresses-100586/. Check out their site and see if you have the same choices.

For casual Days

TB Dress casualI love colors and textures! Floral print provides sweetness to a background of white. Textures of the fabric balances its neat lines. While layers give the dress its volume and body. The edgy sleeveless dress can be worn from day to night. If paired with ballet shoes or strappy sandasl it is perfect for strolling in the mall or mommy errands. Then at night, pair it with stilettos and charm bracelet and your all set to hangout.

Date Nights

TB Dress Datenight I always go for dark colors on date nights because it highlights my fair skin. I also like dresses with clean silhouettes and minimal accessories.  For nights that I do not feel comfortable showing my arm, the long sleeved mini dress with a peep of the shoulders with the lace detail will make the outfit sexy without showing much skin.

Parties and Special Functions

TB Dress formal

Still with clean lines, cocktail dresses that I wear has usually one defining detail like the lace sleeve, or the back detail, and pearl necklace that acts as the lock of the halter collar. Wear it with stilettos and I can just imagine looking so regal.

What are your favorites from their collection? They have a lot of inexpensive dresses to choose from. I would love to know your thoughts on this. I smell girl talk!


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July 5

First Month in Big School

Heinel in big schoolIt is July so it means our EA has already been in his new BIG school for almost a month now. He is slowly adjusting and as each day progresses, I am convinced that after all our considerations, we enrolled him in the right school (read about our decision process here).  Just like his former school, his big school has a small classroom setup with just 24 students (boys and girls) and 1 teacher. This made the adjustment easier for him. During those times when I fetched him, I saw that he is already talking and sharing some good laughs with his classmates and he mentions some of their names to me when I ask who plays with him often.

For the major adjustments, EA often tells me how flag ceremonies on Mondays bother him. I guess this is because the concept of all the students gathering in one noisy auditorium is something new to him. Getting him in a routine so early in the morning (he wakes up at 5:30am) to eat, take a bath and dress up is also a hit or miss thing depending on his mood upon waking up. Taking the service together with several kids is also a new experience for him but with the presence of his former classmate in preschool taking the same, he is able to enjoy his ride home. In terms of school work, he is coming into terms with the (almost) daily assignments. This is still a work in progress because there are times when he would rather delay and wait for me to come home (which I usually do by 8pm :-() and by then we would not have that much time. During his summer break, I left home a weekly schedule of drills in Math and English that he has to do from Monday to Friday. Now I can see the fruits of that summer activity because he did not forget his lessons which makes it easier for him to understand their lessons now.

As parents to EA, we welcome all these new experiences him because it is part of expanding his world. He often expresses his fear and uncertainty on new situations  and we deal with it be explaining why certain things has to be done that way (such as the flag ceremony) and reminding him that he can get through anything and everything, may it be mingling with kids older than him or acing his quizzes. I often tell him a similar experience he had in his preschool and remind him how he was able to overcome it. There is nothing that he can not do but it has to begin with him giving things and experiences a try.

With the coming months I know that EA will be fully adjusted already. I am looking forward to a good school year.

July 2

Outfit ideas for Costume Parties

Nowadays, costume parties are becoming a popular theme may it be birthdays, sorority, and even Christmas parties. Gone are the days when you have to wait for Halloween to show off your new you, in costume, that is.

Costume parties are not the time to be yourself. It is the time to unleash your dream self. You can be your favorite actress, superhero, cartoon character, or even your admired anime villain. Only your imagination is the limit. The key is confidence and being in character, and most of all, having fun.

With costume parties being an in thing, chances are, you will be attending more than one party in a year. You would not want to be wearing the same costume right? Good thing there are inexpensive and cheap costume available. Check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Costumes-100629/.

Here are my personal favorites:

TB Costume_Cat Costume Who does not want to be a superhero? I certainly do especially with this cool bat girl suit!

TB Costume_PirateWho says only boys can be pirates?Girls definitely can in a fashionable way. Captain Hook will not even think of messing with you with that pink pirate’s hat. Do you think the costume will go well with a right hook?

TB Costume_MinnieBe cute and sweet with this Minnie Mouse costume. Lucky for you if you find yourself a Mickey Mouse as you party.

TB costume_PilotLook every bit of a cool pilot with this costume complete with hat and gloves. Just be careful who crushes on you on the party.

Whatever your preference is, just wear it proud and have a great time at the party!

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July 1

Homecoming and Prom Dress for Petite Girls

Looking great on your homecoming begins with choosing the perfect dress. For petite girls, one of the major challenge is how to look much taller than you really are. To divert the attention from their height, girls must wear dresses which emphasizes their best features such as a good collarbone, nice shoulders, slender arms, or a long neck, . Wearing dresses that are above the knee also creates an illusion of height especially when paired with high-heels.

Finding the perfect prom  dress need not leave a hole on your pocket.  A vast selection of inexpensive homecoming dresses are available at http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Inexpensive-Homecoming-Dresses-7913.

Here are a few suggestions:

For the sweet girl

TB Dress 1Lace spells softness and femininity. Great for girls with slender arms and long neck because of the sweetheart neckline.

For the rocker chic

tb dress 5Look edgy but pretty with this A-line dress. Black gives that rocker vibe but the pink accents and tool on the skirt softens the look .

For the regal lady

tb dress 6The beaded sweetheart neckline adds the royal touch to the dress while the floor length train gives that princess aura.

For the sexy siren

tb dress 4The red color brings its sensual feel while the neat design sans the beads and accents makes its elegant.

For the conservative lass

tb dress 7For the conservative type, the square neckline and shoulder straps exposes just the right amount of skin. The ruched detail provided the character of this soft look.

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